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About US

Uttarakhand State Seed Certification Agency was established on 14 march 2001 as an autonomous body by Govt. of Uttarakhand as per the provision of section- 8 of the seeds Act. 1966 and registered under Societies Registration act 1860. It was given prime responsibility to maintain and make available the high quality seeds of crop varieties and hybrids notified under section 5 of seeds act 1966 to the farming community through certification. It ensures genetic identity and purity of the certified seeds as per the Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards.

The Govt. of Uttarakhand also constituted a governing body entrusting responsibility to frame over all policy and guidelines for smooth functioning of agency in line with the provision of seeds act 1966, seeds rules 1968 and Central Seed Certification Board recommendations. Governing body comprises Chairman and members from State Govt. DAC, Govt. of India, linear departments, representatives from universities, seed producing agencies and seed consumers nominated by Govt. of Uttarakhand. Director of USS&OPCA acts as a member secretory of governing body.

Quality Policy

Uttarakhand State Seed and Organic Production Certification Agency “USS & OPCA” is committed to achieve excellence in the field of Seed and Organic Certification by providing timely, dependable, transparent and user friendly certification services in conformity with applicable requirements of standards to maintain consumer trust in the integrity and reliability of its certification mark.

Incumbency Chart

SL Name From To
1 Dr. Rattan Lal Agrawal 01-05-2001 05-04-2003
2 Dr. Suresh Kumar Malik 06-04-2003 05-12-2007
3 Dr. Anil Prakash Sharma, Vice Chancellor 06-12-2007 08-09-2008
4 Dr. Virendra Singh Bisht, Vice Chancellor 09-09-200807-10-2009
5 Sh. Chandan Singh Mehra 08-10-200919-04-2012
6 Sh. G.S. Panday (IFS), Additional Secretary 20-04-201226-07-2012
7 Smt. Damyanti Rawat 27-07-201219-05-2016
8 Sh. Gauri Shankar, Agriculture Director 20-05-201615-08-2018
9 Sh. K.C.Pathak, Additional Director, Agriculture 16-08-2018continued


Fees Structure

SL Work Of Certification Present Certification Fees/Charges (Rs.)
1 Registration Fees Rs. 25.00/- Per Seed Grower
2 Inspection Fees Rs. 300.00/- Per Hectare Late fees Rs. 10.00/- Per Haectare for next 10 days from last date
3 Re-Inspection Fees Rs. 150.00/- Per Hectare
4 Processing Fees Rs. 2.50/- Per Quintal or minimum 250.00/- Per shift
5 Re-Processing Fees Rs. 2.00/- Per Quintal or minimum 200.00/- Per shiftt
6 Packing Supervision Charges Rs. 2.00/- Per Quintal or minimum 200.00/- Per shift
7 Seed Sample Testing Fees Rs. 100.00/- Per Sample
8 Tags Charges Rs. 3.00/- Per Tag
9 Re-Validation Fees Rs. 9.00/- Per Quintal minimum 90.00/- per Lot
10 Inter State Label Charges Rs. 3.00/- Per Label
11 Inter State Packing Supervision Charges Rs. 2.00/- Per Quintal or minimum 200.00/- Per shift
12 Seed Processing Plant/Producing Agency Registration Rs. 2000.00/- Only One Time
13 Seed Processing Plant /Producing Agency Renewal Rs. 1000.00/- Per Year. Rs. 3000.00/- for Three Years.
Late fee of Rs 500 for next one month from the last date.
14 Grow out Test Fees Rs. 400/- per sample

Operation Calendar

SL Particulars Cut Off Dates
1 Crop Registration
Zaid :Total Crops
Kharif :Total Crops
Rabi :
   a:Potato, Toria
   b:Mustard/Sarsaon, Pea, Lentil
   c: All other Crops
Upto 30 days of sowing date of crop OR
30 April
16 August

30 November
31 December
15 January
     • Provided crop should be in inspectable stage.
2 Withdrawn of crop registered area Within 20 days of date of crop registration (Provided crop is not inspected)
3 Amendment in Crop Registration list Within 15 days of cutoff date of crop registration
4 Certified to certified seed production Permission Within 15 days of cutoff date of crop registration
5 Seed Source Verification Till final field inspection
6 Inter State Seed Production Permission Within 45 days cutoff date of crop registration
7 Submission of Intake list for Physical Verification

15 January
15 June
15 October
8 Physical verification of unprocessed seeds

31 January
30 June
31 October
9 Packing/Tagging
   Kharif(cereal crops)
   Rabi(cereal crops)
   All other crops of Zaid, Rabi and Kharif

20 June
20 December
Before sowing
10 Renewal of Seed Processing Plant/Seed Producing Agency Last date is 31st March.
One month allowed with late fee
11 Registration of Seed Producing Agencys Before crop registration

ASSCU Supports

A complete workflow automation system of seed certification of Uttarakhand State Seed & Organic Production Certification Agency

Registration Process

Registration of SPA, SPP, SG(crop) and their renewal for enabling them to process the seed & the avail certification.

Seed Source verification & Inspection

Verification of seed cource & Crop Inspection.

Seed Processing

Processing of the seed at seed processing plant to enable testing.

Sampling & Testing

Sampling done at SPP send to STL for testing and report back.

Packing & Tagging

With Issue of Seed Certificate Packing and Tagging is done.


Permissions for Interstate seed & Certified to certified seed production, Other brand packing/marketing,Small size packing.

Best Wishes From

    Sh. K. C. Pathak

I take this opportunity to thank our Farmers/Seed Growers, Seed Processing Agencies for showing their keen interest in automation of the seed certification process. I thank the team of NIC, Odisha and Uttarakhand for taking so much of pain in designing, developing and implementing the automation system with latest technology. The USS&OPCA team's effort is commendable in supporting the NIC, Odisha Team in design & developement. I am sure this automation system named "ASSCU" will go long way in addressing the issues of SPAs/SPPs, Seed Growers as well as the Officials USS&OPCA. I , as always, seek continued patronage of our valued stakeholders, cooperation of our employees.